Femme ! Vie ! Liberté !

Chowra Makaremi
La Découverte
September 7, 2023

Since September 2022, men and women in Iran, many of them young, have been engaged in a work of political conquest and the opening up of possibilities that touches us at a precise point: that of the possibility, always, of an uprising. This is the long-distance chronicle of a revolt that has unfolded and persisted with surprise, audacity and uncertainty. This long autumn of insurrection also conjures up other sequences in Iranian history, illuminated by other movements, other memories of struggle and violence. A long history of power and resistance, which Chowra Makaremi knows from her family background, as well as from her research as an anthropologist attentive to counter-archives and collective emotions. The author gives events a depth of field that enables us to identify their multiple geneses, and to grasp the irrefutable revolutionary shift they represent. She composes an archive in the orange light of street bonfires, which have become the symbol of a revolt that is experienced as a combustion of anger, a profanation, a contagion.

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