L’Agency is an international literary agency that offers a wide range of services based on several distinct yet complimentary skills. 

Our core activity is the representation of authors from all socio-linguistic backgrounds. 

We help them find the publishing house that best suits their editorial project and their expectations, we follow up on their publishing and adaptation contracts, and we intervene at all stages of the book's life to ensure that it has the best possible trajectory.

L’Agency is committed to supporting the various actors involved (authors, of course, but also marketing, press, events, sales, etc.) so that each title can achieve its full potential. 

By anticipating questions and smoothing administrative processes, L'Agency allows authors and editors to devote most of their interactions to the book itself.

In addition, we work with various publishing houses:
  • We represent the international rights of certain works published in France, including when they are not the works of our authors, assoon as a publishing house calls upon us to outsource these procedures;
  • We represent the French language rights of titles published abroad, more precisely when we judge that the potential in French-speaking territories is real and strong.
We carry out strategic monitoring work that has two components.
  • The first component pertains to the French and international publishing world. We keep track of publications, the evolution of editorial lines and catalogs in order to submit our synopses and manuscripts in a targeted manner in France and abroad, but also to carry out a work close to literary scouting.
  • The second aspect is a more global monitoring work. We keep an eye on political and social news and on cultural trends in order to steer our authors towards projects that are relevant to their fields of exertise while meeting a current need, but also to help them, occasionally, to enrich their subject with a new angle.

We make no secret of our interest in humanities, in social and environmental issues, in the struggle against discrimination and injustice.However, we never look the other way when faced with a coup de coeur, whatever it may be. 

L’Agency is committed to developing good and respectful relationships with all its working partners, and to applying the humanist values of the titles it represents in the management of its projects.