Elena Volochine

Elena Volochine is a Franco-Russian reporter, videographer and film-maker. Born in Moscow in Soviet Russia, she completed her studies and began her journalistic career in France in 2009. As a reporter for i-TELE, then for the CAPA news agency, she was soon called upon to cover current events in her native Russia. In 2012, she decided to relocate permanently to Moscow, working with major French and French-speaking media (i-TELE, Canal Plus, France Télévisions, Arte, TF1, M6, Europe 1, RTS, RTBF...).

In 2016, she became chief of the France 24 Moscow bureau. During her decade of being an international correspondent - until her hasty return to France in March 2022 - she covered all the major events in Russia and across the post-Soviet space, witnessing at first hand the authoritarian, conservative and imperialist shift of the Russian regime and the alienation of its population by propaganda: Vladimir Putin's two re-elections, the first political trials of Pussy Riots and Alexei Navalny, the Sochi Olympics, the Maidan revolution, the annexation of Crimea, the war in Eastern Ukraine on the Russian side, repression in annexed Crimea, the Syrian campaign, laws decriminalizing domestic violence, against "LGBT propaganda" or against "offending the religious feelings of believers".  She also specializes in large-scale investigations and magazine documentaries on loaded or little-addressed subjects, such as torture in Chechnya, slavery in Islam Karimov's Uzbekistan or North Korean poaching in the Russian Far East.

In 2016, her filmed documentary Oleg's Choice, an introspective dive into the daily lives and disillusionment of Russian fighters duped by propaganda in eastern Ukraine, won her numerous awards at international festivals and a nomination for the prestigious Albert Londres Prize. For her work on the Russian side of the Donbass and on propaganda, Elena Volochine is now a recognized specialist of contemporary Russia and the war in Ukraine, and speaks at conferences and seminars in the USA, Canada and at Sciences Po Paris. She runs a weekly magazine program on France 24 called Vu de Russie, devoted to Russian propaganda, and is a regular guest on all-news TV channels (BFM, LCI, France Info), where she is described as "one of the best specialists on contemporary Russia", as well as on leading current affairs programs such as Quotidien (TMC), C ce soir, C Politique, C dans l'air (France 5) and 28' (Arte), and is fluent in Russian, French and English.

With L'Agency, she is working on an non-fiction, investigative title regarding Putin's propaganda.

Elena Volochine


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